Me at the CMA HQ

Me at the CMA HQ


voting in the cma’s like my life depends on it…because it does!

Voting in the Country Music Association is a great honor, Many people vote for different reasons. My vote is kind of special. I vote for artists that have the most significant effect on helping me cope with the disease called Parkinson’s.

For the last 12 years I have been battling Parkinson’s. I am only 45. One of the key elements in my battle with Parkinson’s is Country Music. For a number of years, I covered Country Music with a camera looking for a great story. Now my coverage of Country Music is different. I have gone from searching for new artists to searching for new scientific research about music and Parkinson’s. For me country music is what helps me with my “freezing up.”

For those wondering, I am not alone. Many individuals who have Parkinson’s.

Here is a list of music therapy and Parkinson’s. It is my goal to bring more awareness to the research. So far the research has been minimal. However, I work on that everyday.

Here is some of the latest information about music therapy in general and more specifically Country Music when that is featured.



Not for Parkinson’s but for Music and neuroscience



Review of rhythmic auditory stimulation on pathological conditions as Parkinson's disease.

Rhythmic auditory training improves gait velocity, cadence and stride length in parkinsonian patients.

Gait, temporal stability, step length and gait cadence may be impaired by not properly adapted auditory stimulus.

Future therapies should focus on patient-based stimuli, attending to the individual's clinical features.